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With over 50 years of combined experience, PRIMESolutions Advisors is a premier financial consulting firm, providing comprehensive retirement planning services for plan sponsors and plan participants. We are governed by a strict code of ethics and stewardship; and are committed to protecting and enhancing our clients' assets. Through ongoing education, state-of-the-art investment strategies and a strong sense of teamwork, we enter into a dynamic partnership with every client to best serve their retirement plan needs.

PRIMESolutions Advisors, LLC is an independent, fee-based consulting and investment advisory firm headquartered in Pittsburgh, Penn. that provides unbiased fiduciary and investment advice to company sponsored retirement plans and individuals.

We are a team of financial planning, investment, tax, and insurance professionals, serving a diverse clientele, ranging from corporations to small business owners, from young professionals to the retiring.

Are you ready for the advantage of an independent investment advisor?

We are a team of experts focused on creating and implementing a prosperous investment strategy, one that is tailor made to reflect your evolving financial goals.

Your peace of mind is the measure of our success.

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