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Modern Features Put Cars at Risk

October 23rd, 2015 Posted in Lifestyle

shutterstock_237326755Many modern vehicles have advanced computer systems and multiple wireless communication networks. However, these conveniences can also expose a car’s vital systems—such as braking, steering, acceleration and navigation—to hackers.

Hackers can potentially gain access to a vehicle through its Bluetooth connection, Wi-Fi network, mobile applications, and diagnostic and USB ports. In July, two security researchers remotely gained control of a moving 2014 Jeep Cherokee through its entertainment system, which prompted Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to recall 1.4 million vehicles for a software upgrade. Afterward, the researchers stated that with a few modifications, their method could be used to access other vehicle models.

The risks aren’t limited to one vehicle model or manufacturer. Industry leaders like General Motors, Ford and Toyota top a long list of automakers believed to be susceptible to hacking. To safeguard your vehicle, ensure that its software is up to date by contacting the manufacturer and your local dealership. Also, never connect unknown devices to any of your vehicle’s ports, including the diagnostic port used by mechanics during vehicle maintenance.

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